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Search Engine Optimization or SEO - is the application of various techniques for a particular website to appear in top positions when a person performs a search on search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing for example.

Such results are called organic search, those that search engines display naturally without any financial investment.

This work is done on the basis of a study that determines what keywords users looking for the services or products of our client uses when performing the search.

A different case is the sponsored links, where it is necessary to pay a certain amount. In Google's case, for example, sponsored links appear on the top or left side of the search page, but with a beige coloring the background and a text on the top right warning the user that this is a paid ad.

What are the advantages of using SEO on your website?

- Higher visibility: By using SEO techniques, positioning of your website in search engines will improve and therefore the number of hits increases, which provides a larger number of business opportunities;

- Attracting new customers: With more pages of your website indexed on search engines, your potential customers will be redirected to the right pages, according to each search held by them;

- Strengthening brand image: In addition to an increase in visibility, the user tends to assign a higher quality to the brands that appear in the first positions in the search engines (Google), such as being the market leaders.

Case study for SEO

Using the Google Keywords Tools, which Google provides free of charge, you can examine the size of your market, in other words, how many monthly searches in Brazil there are for a determined keyword specific of your market.

Using the techniques of SEO and optimizing your website for that keyword if you are:

- In 1st place will get 20% of searches;

- In 2nd place will get -3.5% of searches;

- In 3rd place will get -4.9% of searches;

- In 4th place will get -6.9% of searches;

- And so on.

Imagine the amount of potential customers you can capture only in Google organic search!

SEO Consulting

BSI offers 3 types of SEO consulting; all originated from optimizing for search engines. We want to help our customers in different ways based on their specific needs.

- General SEO Consulting

- Detailed SEO Consulting

- Professional SEO Consulting

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