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Bsi Brasil - Functional Sites

Although the internet is already one of the most searched media by people, many websites still don't have a good functionality. It is still common to see websites that are slow and have too much content, making it less attractive and efficient. BSI knows how to make functional websites for your company depending on your area of business.

We use some very important techniques in order to have a dynamic and modern website. First, it is necessary to properly develop the content of a functional website. It must be objective and straightforward considering both the user and the search engines, which require texts with some specific rules for placement in top positions.

When we talk about functional websites, we must think about all the details and why it is important to work with a multidisciplinary team, such as: web designers, journalists, SEO experts and of course programmers.

SEO and attractive design make all the difference

Bsi Brasil Customers in 3 SecondsResearch on visitor's accessibility in web pages has proved that you have up to 3 seconds to decide whether or not you navigate a Website. This means your website needs to quickly grab the visitor's attention , for him to become a customer. At BSI , we know that to be a functional website recognized by search engines you must have correct texts. These texts should be interesting, explanatory and, at the same time, direct.

The Internet usually just read what interests you . As a result , BSI , makes sure that the pages of your site are optimized individually. But how would that be done? When searching for an item in a search engine like Google, for example, your website will occupy the first positions, directing the reader straight to the subject he seeks.

Currently , the user rushes to find what he is looking for on the internet. In a functional website, individual page optimization can also call the reader's attention to another subject. Thinking about that, BSI , puts at the end of each page the following sentence: "What would you like to do now?" Just below this sentence, other subjects of the website appear where the user clicks and is automatically directed to a new subject.

Guide the user through the site for maximum return

For a website to become funtional, BSI determines an entry and an exit page at all our optimized websites, that is, we guide you from the first page, in this case the Home, to the last, Contact, in which he sends an email to your company requesting your product, service or more information. The "contact" part is one of the most sought functions by people, then it must be a part well worked on, so that all necessary information is requested. BSI assures that their contact forms are practical, simple but complete at the same time, so that the reader does not get confused and give up on completing the form, and that all necessary information is collected for further contact.

Another factor that BSI seek for obtaining a functional website is the correct use of information, so that the Internet can know deeply the services of your company. On the first page of a functional website made by BSI, the reader already discover what the website is about, getting even more interested in looking for other links and more content.

With BSI, your website is according to what you want, but using certain techniques so that it is well visualized and accessed. BSI creates a default for all pages of the functional website, so when the clients go to the website they will find an organized and interesting website.

Not only of the text functional websites are made of, the use of graphics and images are also very valid, but not in excess. BSI knows how to use those visual resources, transforming it into a dynamic and at the same time reliable functional website.