Website Creation


Website Creation

Internet is a media capable of reaching millions of users. Unlike a newspaper or radio ad, in which often the consumer is not paying attention, the internet takes the information he needs and wants, at the time he needs, through search engines.

With that in mind, BSI - Business Solution International - company specialized in optimized websites creation, uses advanced technologies to put your website highlighted when a potential consumer is looking for the service you offer.

But this is not enough. It is useless having a very accessed website, if it has no quality. Therefore, we develop professional and functional websites using the very best in design, usability and content.

"Atract clients and sell more"

In 3 seconds you can win or lose customers!

Conquistar Clientes

Researches on user behavior on web pages show that it takes only 3 seconds to decide whether or not to navigate a website. This means that you need to quickly draw the attention of the potential client.

BSI develops websites with layout and content that provide easy navigation and are attractive at first sight. The result is greater user retention, which increases the chances of success of your business.

Besides, visual programming and the content of your website, as well as security aspects of information make all the difference regarding the image you or your company passes to the user and the client that accesses it.

Also remember that not owning a website means offering competition a great opportunity. By creating a professional website you can gain new customers, and keep the ones you already own, ensuring the success of your business.

BSI can help you not only in the development of your website, but also in optimizing it for search engines - SEO. This way, many potential customers looking for specific services or products you offer, will reach your website.

What we do

Our Process of Creating Websites

STEP 1: We study your business: defining the target audience and their search behavior and your competitors.

STEP 2: We work creation of the design and the layout of the website, which will undergo your approval.

STEP 3: Our journalist will make interviews to learn more about the subject and write for your readers in an optimized for search engines (SEO) way. We also collect text and photos already done.

STEP 4: We use our own CMS (Content Management System) specially developed for optimization.

STEP 5: The programming is then developed and the site is now with its full functionality. This step is also taken to supply the content and take several tests to ensure the perfect operation of the website.

STEP 6: Presentation to the client and putting the website online.

Advantages of creating the website with BSI

Advantages of creating the website with BSI

Improve positioning in searches: Your website will be fit and fully programmed to be able to hold the top positions in the search. With our help in content creation and setting the links, you'll have the chance to get several new customers through search engines.

Web Analytics: We analyze the behavior of Internet users. Extract customized reports according to the needs of our clients. Quantity and origin of accesses, dates, length of time spent on the website, words they used to find the website, which pages were accessed and many other statistical data of fundamental importance to enhancing more and more the success of the website are revealed by this tool. Learn more!

Maintenance and Support: Our support is always ready to serve you.