Video Production

Video ProductionVideos are a format that is increasingly successful nowadays. Studies show that people remember only 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and incredible 70% of what they hear and see. Knowing this, it becomes clear the power of the video as a means of communication.

Furthermore, with the popularity of social media specialist for that format, like YouTube, for example, and the millions of videos that are shared daily via Facebook and Twitter, video production is becoming instrumental in the company's communication strategy.

Nowadays, the resources to record and edit videos are much more diverse and accessible, however, a work of low quality will not help in building a positive image of your brand on the contrary.

Therefore, Business Solution International - BSI - works with high quality professional video production that will help build an image of success for your business. We guide our clients from the definition of the concept and script development, to shooting, editing and distribution. Contact us to get a free quote.

Corporate Videos

The production of corporate videos serves many purposes, ranging from communication and training of the workforce, up to filming conferences and conventions, for example.

A very common type of corporate video happens when an event lasting several days is recorded by a film crew, including lectures, snacks, awards ceremonies and recreational activities that participants go.

So, an editor creates a short and entertaining video presentation that is displayed before the closure of the convention, amusing all participants.

Another very common use in the production of corporate videos is to interview directors and company's CEOs, in order to approximate the high-ranking executives to the employees and public in general, significantly improving the brand image.

7 rules to produce a successful video

There are two fundamental questions to be sure that your script has quality: What is the main point of your history and why it deserves to be told? So make sure your story is clear and obvious, especially the end.

Actors, team members, performance artists, finally, hire only the best professionals that your budget allow.

Currently, a movie can be done with any amount of money. Whatever your budget is find ways to make your film with it, even if it is necessary to find creative solutions.

Many errors have been made in this industry, so do a good preparation, planning and collaboration to avoid those mistakes in the future.

Make your film as if one day you would sell it. Be very careful that your video does not infringe any copyright that may preclude its distribution.

Even if your video has a small cost, creative and interesting ideas can turn it into a success.

Video production should not be taken in an isolated way, therefore, obtain an opinion of both experts and amateurs can be a major benefit to your video.

1. Make sure your script is solid.

2. Work with the best possible talents.

3. Establish your budget and fulfill it.

4. Avoid the most common mistakes.

5. Observe all legal issues from the beginning.

6. Think Big

7. Seek feedback