Video Marketing

Video MarketingWith the internet evolution there has been an increasing demand by users for more dynamic and attractive formats such as videos, for example. when they go viral they are watched by tens, and even hundreds millions of people.

The only necessary investments however, are for the creation and production of these videos, since the distribution is done in a free way through websites like YouTube, for example. This makes the cost-benefit of Video Marketing campaigns exceptional, they provide tremendous exposure, with a relatively very low cost.

Besides, it is necessary to consider that unlike a TV commercial which is displayed regardless the will of the viewer, viral videos are voluntarily accessed and watched by people, that means that the quality of the interaction is much larger.

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5 reasons to add videos on your website

1.Videos are much more appealing to visitors of your website, in addition to making it more interactive and professional. Websites that have video content are more likely to attract and retain visitors;

2.Google gives more importance to websites that have relevant videos in their content, making Video Marketing also important in terms of SEO. Furthermore, in search results, the user is offered a choice of media, such as photos and videos, for example. That is, having videos on the content of your website increases the chances of a good classification in search results.

3.Nowadays, with the growing popularity of social networking, video marketing has become more important since the video content is more likely to be shared. Research shows that 71% of adults who are on the internet now use video-sharing websites.

4.The videos have an ability to communicate that, in some cases, are larger and more efficient than text or photographs. To show your audience how was an event, for example, or show the details of a product, a video is much more interesting. In 2012, the CEO of YouTube, predicted that soon 90% of internet traffic will be videos.

5. Besides all that, the Video Marketing is also a useful tool for distinguishing your company from the competition, after all, watching videos online is an activity highly appreciated by the people.

YouTube Insight

- More than 800 million unique users worldwide, use YouTube every month;

- 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, which gives more than an hour of video per second;

- 3 billion hours of video are seen each month;

- Over 4 Billion videos are viewed / day;;

- YouTube is available in 39 countries and in 54 languages

Source: YouTube