Sponsored Links - AdWords

Sponsored Links - AdWordsThe AdWords service or Sponsored Links, as they are also called, are the primary means to advertise on Google. The ad is displayed based on the keywords searched by users, that is, only when the words used by him in research show interest in some of the products or service you offer is that the ad will appear.

So your AdWords campaign has a good recovery and there is no waste of money, it is essential that the keywords are carefully chosen. There are also some other parameters, on which we discuss below, whose correct choice is important for a successful campaign.

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AdWords Top Characteristics

High segmentation

The ad is displayed only when the user, or in this case, a potential customer does a search using keywords related to the product or service offered by you. This characteristic makes Sponsored Links an excellent option in terms of targeting.

Only people who are genuinely interested in buying your product or service will be the ones who will see your ad and the moment when they are using Google to get more information is ideal to display it.

Therefore, if the keywords used in the AdWords campaign are well chosen, there is a big chance that the campaign will be a success.

Modalities: CPC, CPM e CPA

These are the three different types of display that the advertiser can choose in Google AdWords. You must choose the best one so that your campaign is optimized, and get the best result with the lowest cost.

Often it is difficult to say, just with the briefing of the campaign, which display format will bring the best value for money. One interesting possibility is to do a test by investing a small amount in each of the formats to later evaluate which one gave the best results.

- CPC – Cost per Click: the ad will be charged only when the user actually clicks on it.

- CPM – Cost per Mille: the charge relates to a thousand views of the ad, regardless of whether or not there are clicks.

- CPA – Cost per Action: the value will only be charged when the user clicks on the ad and perform an action such as sending an email, or registering for example. Normally the amounts charged are higher in this mode, since the action required of the user is more complex.