Social Media

Social MediaSocial Media are online systems designed to allow people to interact through the joint creation and sharing of information in various formats.

They enable the publication and dissemination of opinions and contents by any person, democratizing this space. Some years ago, only large companies had this power, using the mass media, whose cost was very high, limiting the presence of small businesses and individuals in the media.

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Main Characteristics of Social Media

Social Media allow the production and dissemination of content in a decentralized manner, that is, without editorial control of large groups, democratizing opinion. Is the production of many to many.

The result is access to a much larger amount of information and opinions. Hide any kind of event has become much more difficult with Social Medias, even in the sphere of private life and private individuals with no public relevance.

Social Media have several characteristics that differ from traditional media, also called mass media such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio etc.

First, Social Media depend on the interaction between people, after all is through discussion and interaction among these groups that the shared content is build. The audience actively participates by commenting or even editing the information.

Besides, unlike traditional media, the space for content in social media is not finite, meaning, it does not have a time limitation, as on television, or space, such as in newspapers and magazines, for example.

Social Media Marketing

There are two very important aspects to be evaluated for a marketing strategy in Social Media.

The first, called SMO (Social Media Optimization), refers to features that can be improved on a page, i.e., techniques that the author of the site can apply to optimize a website for Social Media.

These optimizations include placing links for easy access to share on bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and, for example, and social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, so that visitors can easily with just one click share the content they wish.

The second aspect concerns the content production, which must be unique and memorable, with high power-sharing. A good example of this are the "viral" videos posted on YouTube that were seen by tens of millions of people.

These companies invested only in the creation and production of these videos, but its disclosure, if done through traditional media would have a higher cost.