SMS Marketing

SMS MarketingSince the early 2000s, with the growth of SMS messaging, companies have used this technology for marketing and communication. On average, these messages are read by users less than four minutes after they were sent, making SMS Marketing a powerful tool.

In Europe, for example, SMS Marketing is the most popular form of marketing for mobile phones, adding about 100 million messages with advertising purpose.

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Sales Promotions via SMS

SMS Marketing is a great way to inform your customers about events like sales, special discounts and new store openings, for example, keeping them updated.

SMS as coupons and free gifts

Another interesting alternative of SMS Marketing is to use SMS messages as coupons. This is a very common form of promoting in other countries, like the United States, for example, but not widely used in Brazil.

Works as follows: an SMS message is sent to the customers on your records, which, when presented in the shop counter, earns a special discount or a free gift.

This type of SMS Marketing campaign provides excellent results with a very high return in events like parties and celebratory dates (Mother's Day, Children's Day, Christmas etc.), being a very effective way to promote an immediate increase in sales.

In addition, as people usually take always their phones with them, the chance to forget it at home is very small, unlike what would be with coupons.

It is also a measure aligned with the most modern marketing practices and environmental preservation, because SMS Marketing promotes a fully virtual communication, having no need to use paper. This is a fact that can be explored in future institutional communication campaigns of your company.

SMS to customer loyalty

Through the customer records of your business, you can select the most important ones (either by size of account or other reasons) to send them special offers and invitations to exclusive events.

This is a very useful use of SMS Marketing to promote the loyalty of these customers, preserving and strengthening the relationship.

SMS for internal marketing

The internal marketing is very important to keep the company workforce engaged and well informed, and SMS Marketing is a great way to do this.

You can also encourage interaction, i.e., that they answer the messages. This way, in addition to draw closer the various levels of the company and the direction, you can also find out how they feel, identify problems and understand better how the organizational climate is.