SEM - Search Engine Marketing


Bsi Brasil SEM SEM - Search Engine Marketing consists of a set of techniques for internet marketing that aims at the dissemination of a website in results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, among others.

SEM is divided into two major categories

1. SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques used to make your website get better rankings in organic search. The SEO can be divided into two types of factors: factors On-Page and Off-Page. The On-Page factors are those related to internal aspects of the website and Off-Page factors are the ones that refer to the external aspects.

Below are some of the On-Page factors:

- Page titles

- Meta tags

- Heading tags

- Number and density of keywords in the content

- URL of the file

- Domain

Among the Off-Page factors we can list:

- Age of the domain

- Number of external links

- Quality of external links

- Anchor text of external links

These factors are just a few of the dozens, maybe even hundreds that influence the position of your website when a user does a search on the internet.

Is worth remembering that the algorithm used by search companies like Google, for example, to rank pages is a guarded secret, so all the knowledge we have about the factors that affect the classification is obtained through tests that numerous experts from Brazil and the world perform.

2. Sponsored Links

Sponsored links or paid links, such as the Google service, Google AdWords. With the sponsored links you only pay per click- known as PPC (Pay per Click).

Organic Search x Sponsored Links: understand the differences

The work of SEO and Sponsored Links, though they look similar at first glance, they serve very different functions in terms of marketing, both I n the financial issue, as in the short- and long-term effects each of them has.

In the side image, you can see the location of the organic search results (marked in green) and also the sponsored links (in red) in a Google search.