Portals, Blogs, Communities and Forums

Portals, Blogs, Communities and ForumsIn addition to developing professional websites, BSI also creates portals, blogs, communities and forums for your company.

Using all our knowledge in design, usability, content production and SEO, with which we develop complete and professional websites, we also develop several other online environments that will lead your business to success on the internet. Get in touch!!

What are portals, blogs and forums?


A portal is a huge website, with the function of being a central that clusters and distributes information and content to users. Its structure is fairly large, having many sites and subsites within it and also outside the domain and subdomains of the company managing the portal.

Usually, the portals have several subordinated areas with their own content, such as: news, forums, communities, etc. Portals may also have its own search engine with the task of facilitating the search of their enormous content for the users.

The various contents found in a portal can approach the most different subjects, not requiring owning a unity, because its function is precisely aggregate and lead to the user in an easy and intuitive way the most diverse information he may need.

Examples of some of the most known and accessed portals in Brazil are: Globo.com, UOL, Terra, etc.


A blog is a website whose simple structure allows a quick and easy update by content units called "posts". They are usually arranged in reverse chronological order where the most recent posts are shown at the top of the page.

Blogs are usually focused on a particular subject and may contain news or opinions. Your content can be created by one or more authors and may vary according to the blog policy.

The contents of a typical blog combine text, images, videos and links to other blogs and pages about the topic. Generally, readers are encouraged to leave their comments about the posts, creating an important and highly valued interaction.

The blog is one of the most popular forms of internet communication, existing millions around the world. Another very common format is microblogging, like Twitter, for example, where the text must have a limited number of characters.

Communities and forums

Forum and Community are tools for a group of people with the same interest to have an online place for their discussions, conversations and chats.

The messages are organized into threads, which offer users the ability to comment, on a blog post, on the matter raised by the creator of the thread.

From there, participants carry out a discussion on the theme, which usually contains very relevant information for users who want to learn about that particular subject.

Forums are very useful to bring together those interested in a specific topic and a productive exchange of information. Also, reinforce the sense of community approaching users to the brand or website that created the forum, becoming an important marketing tool.