Multimedia Presentation


Currently, with the strong competition that exists in the market, presentations have been gaining an increasing amount of importance. It is not enough to just have good content in order to accomplish attention and public interest.

A captivating visual, plus a good dose of creativity are fundamental to success. Fortunately, with the steady advance of technology and computer graphics, today there are many possibilities to make a multimedia presentation truly remarkable.

The multimedia feature is a very effective way to attract attention and improve public perception, optimizing communication. After all, a multimedia presentation stimulates more senses, increasing the processing power and storage of information.

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Technology Choices

The first and most important step for the creation of a successful multimedia presentation is the choice of technology to be used. There are two main programs used today, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash.


Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Power Point is the easiest way to create a multimedia presentation. You can add videos, soundtracks, simple menus and some simple animations.

The biggest advantage of using PowerPoint is the ease with which anyone can edit the presentation.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash allows you to create multimedia presentations in which you can build powerful animations, besides having an excellent technology for video compression. Another great advantage of this program is that you can put your presentations directly on the website.

However, Flash is a difficult system to operate, limiting their use to specialized professionals. In its most recent versions, Flash has included some features that facilitate the creation of multimedia presentations, but there is no doubt that this is a tool far more complicated than Microsoft PowerPoint.

In addition, Adobe Flash is an expensive program, which further limits its use to create a multimedia presentation.

Advantages of multimedia presentations

  • Do not need internet access to be used;

  • They are highly engaging;

  • The striking visual effects certainly help get your message across in a more clear and attractive manner to your audience;

  • It has a high degree of interactivity, which provides better performance for the presenter or speaker;

  • It offers the possibility of sending a CD presentation to your audience in order to check out all the details of your product or service on their personal computer.