Mobile Marketing


With the popularity of cell phones and smartphones, the Mobile Marketing medium is being used increasingly more by companies to integrate their marketing efforts.

The possibilities for mobile marketing are diverse and varied. They range from sending simple text messages, to the development of games designed specifically for smartphones.

There are also options to create mobile-specific ads on Google, using special codes, called QR Codes to send files via Bluetooth. In short, this is a new market that is still developing and will probably go through many transformations.

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Mobile Web Marketing

Advertisements on web pages specifically designed for access by smartphones is one of the options of Mobile Marketing. Currently, the use of these devices to access the internet has become increasingly common.

Major portals like, IG and Terra, for example, already have specific versions for smartphones, in which there is a space reserved for ads. Several other websites have also adopted similar measures, demonstrating that it is indeed very important for companies that use the internet as the primary mean of communication to develop a dedicated Mobile site.

Furthermore, it has become increasingly common for users to use smartphones to perform searches on search engines like Google, for example. In this case, SEO techniques are very important to the efficiency of Mobile Marketing. There is also opportunity to make announcements in the same format as sponsored links, but with some minor differences.

QR Codes

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) have rapidly grown in popularity, especially in Asia and Europe. In Brazil, the adoption of this system has taken a bit more time, however, Mobile Marketing has recently emerged, with much still yet to develop, and has appeared sporadically in advertising online and offline.

Functioning as a visual hyperlink to a page, QR Codes provide easy access to pages with a special offer, representing a powerful tool to initiate consumer engagement, triggering an emotional impulse.

Monitoring the source of user access has become possible using QR Codes for Mobile Marketing. This provides important data for marketing intelligence. Companies today are using them to make sales, to offer details on products and to get more information about the consumer.


The rise of Bluetooth started around 2003 and is present in most cell phones and laptops. Most of Mobile Marketing campaigns that use Bluetooth do so through so-called hotspots, places where users enable their Bluetooth devices in order to quickly receive free files from various formats, due to the high-speed transmission.


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