Logo and Stationery

Logo and StationeryIn a world with so much competition, a remarkable logo is essential to ensure that consumers can easily differentiate products or services. Additionally, due to the existence of images and screens everywhere, we live under a strong and constant visual stimulation, which reinforces the importance of a powerful logo.

This observation also draws our attention to the need for stationery work (business cards, letterheads, envelopes and folders, for example), professional and visually appealing.

BSI uses all its knowledge and experience in design to create attractive logos and stationery work of high quality. Contact us and we will give you a free quote!

Logo Creation

Creating a logo is a process that involves a number of steps to obtain the final result.

First, it is necessary to understand fully the business of our client, identifying factors such as the target audience, potential markets and do analysis on the logos of its direct competitors.

We then develop the concepts that must be transmitted as well as the way in which this will be done by determining the different elements for logo design, such as typography, color, style, among others.

After the fulfillment of the previous steps, several options for the logo design are created to be submitted to the client, so that he, under our guidance, choose one that is most compatible with their personal taste and also with the corporate identity of the company.

Once chosen the logo, if necessary, the company's slogan is defined. This is a catch phrase that reflects their identity and simultaneously transmit several positive values to its customers. This slogan should follow the typography and colors established at the beginning of the creation process.

Depending on the case, it is done just an upgrade of the existing logo. Still, it is done a deep analysis of the target audience, company identity, plus the best ways to convey these concepts to the public, through elements such as design, colors etc.


Investing in a professional stationery work it's very important in terms of business, and, unlike what people usually think, you can even save money for the advertiser.

When sending direct mail, for example, it is known that 70% of the correspondences are thrown directly in the trash. An attractive and interesting envelope can ensure it is opened and read by the consumer.

Therefore, to pay more for a more sophisticated envelope, you will be saving money. Statistics show that an envelope with style and color has nine times more likely to be open than a traditional white.

Additionally, we also create custom cards and all stationery material, that will surely bring a great impression about your company.