Hotsites, Microsites or Landing Page

Hotsites, Microsites or Landing PageIf you or your company already have a website and want a hotsite to leverage a promotion or launching a new product or service, BSI can help you.

Using all the knowledge in design, usability, content development and SEO, with which BSI develops complete websites and also creates quality hotsites for businesses or independent professionals. Contact us to do a free estimate.

What is a Hotsite, Micro-site or Landing Page?

Hotsite means a website designed and developed to highlight and promote a prompt and specific action of communication or marketing.

Normally hotsites have a predetermined time duration, i.e., are created to assist in promoting a specific marketing or communication action, and its duration is directly related to this action. Typically it stays in the air for only a few weeks or months.

Among the various functions for efficient and intelligent use of a hotsite, are the product and developments launching, capturing information through surveys, customer prospecting, promotions of products and services, brand loyalty, disclosure of events and seminars, subscriptions, registration and many others.

What is the difference of a website and a hotsite?

The biggest difference between hotsites and websites is the communication strategy used to conceive it.

Due to this fact, hotsites have a considerably lower cost compared to full corporate websites because they have much less content and are targeted specifically to an action or idea.

Hotsites also tend to be simpler than traditional websites, and may even have only one page. However, despite this, they tend to be quite sophisticated in design, for example, in order to impress and persuade the visitor.

Despite being considerably simpler, the process of creating a hotsite follows the same steps of developing a traditional website, taking into consideration a creative concept, information architecture, developing layouts, writing and programming.

Hotsites specific characteristics

Because they are directed to marketing actions more punctual and specific, hotsites can be more segmented, i.e., better targeted to an audience smaller and better defined, unlike a full website, which often must attend a very wide range public.

Due to this characteristic, the chance to satisfy the user belonging to that particular target audience is larger, because the hotsite is designed just to translate their expectations. In addition, they usually have greater visual appeal, with a more interesting and flashy design, most likely to attract your visitors.

Some hotsites provide the user interactivity with games, for example, bringing higher quality and interaction between the brand and user who belongs to the target audience of the campaign.