Gamification Nowadays video games are no longer just for kids. Companies are implementing, more and more, strategies based on gamification.

"Gamification is the process that uses design and game mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems"

Gave Zichermann - CEO of BeamME

Main benefits of gamification

- Improve the company’s image;

- Brand Awareness;

- Improve customer relationship, engagement;

- Reinforce customer loyalty;

- Makes your clients participate actively to achieve a goal;

- Influence and motivates behaviors;

We intend to encourage the interest and attention of the customers about the brand, giving them good experiences, feel special and unique.

Gamification to solve problems

One of the problems for many companies is to increase employee productivity and gamification can also be used to address this situation.

Gamification can be included in platforms that most businesses already possess, internal for work or external for customers in order to increase productivity.

Companies when using this technique (gamification) facilitate teamwork on internal company staff encouraging and rewarding, not necessarily with money. The employees work more actively in order to achieve their set goals.