E-mail Marketing

E-mail MarketingThe email marketing is considered a direct marketing tool, that is, the company provides individual and personalized contact with your customers. However, it has several advantages over other forms of direct marketing such as direct mail for example.

Besides having a low cost, and a high-speed distribution, a campaign email marketing offers the possibility to measure several important aspects, such as the open rate of emails and number of clicks on the links, for example. This information enables the continuous optimization of campaigns, increasing their efficiency.

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Different uses for E-mail Marketing

Although many experts claimed that e-mail would become an obsolete form of online communication, which is not what has happened. On the opposite, with the internet becoming increasingly popular, the use of e-mail has been increasing.

According to a study conducted by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, in late 2008, the main reason why Brazilians accessed the Internet is e-mail.

The email marketing can be used in several ways, the most common, the offer of products and services, personalized promotions, customer satisfaction surveys, greeting cards and also loyalty campaigns.

Can also be used for sending periodic newsletters, as well as news, articles and internal communication. When organizing an event, for example, the e-mail can be used to distribute the invitations, verifying attendance and thank for the participation.

Advantages of Email Marketing over the Mail Merge

Comparing email marketing with mail merge, we can see that the first offers great advantages. First, the speed is much higher: sent by regular mail, the mail takes three to five days to be delivered, as with email marketing, delivery is immediate.

Another key advantage is the saving of financial resources; after all, one of the major problems of mail merge is the high cost. However, the only expense to the email marketing is, in principle, the creation of the piece.

There are also shooting email tools that offer many more resources as well as companies that sell their database, containing a large amount of email addresses well targeted and organized. But to adopt or not these resources depends on the availability of funds and the needs of the advertiser.

Besides all that while sending a mail merge requires various data, such as street, neighborhood, city, state and zip code, email marketing requires only the email address of that person.

Another interesting advantage of email marketing is the ability to place a link to any virtual environment. This allows the user to have contact with videos, animations, games, and finally, several shapes much more attractive than the options offered by direct mail.

Therefore, email marketing provides a simple and inexpensive option to connect to your customers and make them remember you. After all, this tool not only allows the sending of targeted and personalized messages on a regular basis, but also to receive quick responses, making the results immediate.

Emm Brasil Certificate | 2012

Emm Brasil Certificate | 2012

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