Advertising Creation


Today, with such a large volume of product options and services, advertising has become increasingly important for company differentiation. Virtually all human activities benefit from the use of advertising: both professionals such as doctors, dentists, and artists, for example, from small to large businesses.

At the same time, due to the tremendous technological advances that have occurred, media has diversified and evolved immensely, expanding the possibilities for advertisers.

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Almost any media can be used for advertising, from traditional, such as TV, radio and magazines, to more modern, such as furniture, smartphones and video ads on the Internet, for example. Any environment where an advertiser pays to announce their message is advertising.



TV commercials are generally considered one of the most effective ways of advertising, which is reflected in high prices charged by the broadcasters. The larger the audience, the greater the charge, producing a 30 second commercial that is played during intervals of the news or domestic programming, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Television advertisements reach a wide and diverse public, because of its audiovisual format, enabling a strong ability to excite consumers. Its high value and limited segmentation, however, is a barrier to the vast majority of professionals and companies.



While it has a limitation, since it is restricted to media sound, this aspect can also be seen as an advantage. After all, some activities such as driving, bicycling, typing, and many others, require visual attention, making the radio one of the most appropriate means to reach these people.

If your main target audience are taxi drivers, for example, car commercials on the radio will probably be much more efficient in terms of cost-effectiveness than placing an advertisement on TV.



This category includes all printed media, magazines and newspapers, for example. It is a very diverse media that functions on a national level as well as for specific demographics.



With the exponential growth of internet use and access in Brazil and the world, advertisers are increasingly looking to the medium.

The internet allows a large segmentation, ie, it is possible to reach the target audience quite accurately, avoiding the waste of money. Furthermore, it is possible to use various types of visuals in this kind of advertising, including interactive advertisements.


Point of Sale

Point of sale advertising is a strategy that usually provides reasonably good results, since consumer can actually purchase the product at that moment.

Displays, shopping carts and televisions installed in retail outlets are some of the options for those who want to run such advertisements.