Content Production

Content ProductionContent production is currently one of the marketing forms of greater impact and relevance in the internet, due to various reasons.

In terms of Website Optimization - SEO, for example, content is key. After all, the main goal of search engines is precisely discover and bring to its users, relevant, unique and quality content that meets their needs.

Content production is also very important for Social Media. If your company produces quality content that attracts and mobilizes the public, chances are that they are shared through tools like Facebook, Twitter and others.

This way you can reach thousands of people investing only in content production, which is relatively cheap compared to the cost of an ad in a newspaper or magazine, for example.

BSI offers content producers and journalists with expertise in SEO and Social Media. We develop attractive and personalized texts, which will surely bring many new visitors to your website, as well as strengthen and make your brand more popular. Contact us and take an important step toward success on the internet!

Content Production Advantages

In Social Medias

Nowadays, Social Media gain more and more space on the internet. They emerged in 2005 with the explosion of Orkut in Brazil and, since then, much has changed, however, some concepts have remained the same.

In fact, the least important is the specific way you use these media, the key is the quality of the content you produce. After all, what most people do in Social Media is share links to videos, photos and interesting texts.

This way, one of the greatest benefits that your business can get with Social Media is people valuing and distributing your content on their own.


By analyzing the relevance of web pages to compose your ranking, web search companies like Google, for example, assess hundreds of variables, but basically there are two factors that stand out.

The first is the compatibility of the keywords searched by the user with the page content. And the second is the quantity and quality of incoming links, which act as votes, which attest to the quality, or not, of your company’s website.

This way, as much as your website is optimized in several important aspects to SEO, the fact of owning a quality and unique content is key so that excellent results are obtained. Because besides containing all the important keywords for Google, content quality is guaranteed of good links to your website which will ensure a good placement in search engines.

Content production makes your company a reference

The production of quality content on a particular subject demonstrates all your knowledge to people, proving that you deeply understand that theme and becoming a reference on the internet.

It's like watching an expert on television. Often he is called for being more eloquent and able to pass information in a more didactic and attractive way than the others, not necessarily being the person with more knowledge in that area. Nevertheless, viewers began to consider that person as the highest authority on that particular subject, strengthening his image.

On the internet, it is exactly the same phenomenon. The production of quality content that will attract the interest of the public will make your company be seen as an authority on that subject and strengthen your brand, which will surely bring many new customers to you.