Books, Magazines and Catalogs


In recent years, due to new media, especially the internet, the amount of information received by people has increased dramatically, as well as the volume of propaganda they are exposed to.

This fact has caused the public to develop a greater rejection of the propaganda from the past.

A good way to overcome this rejection is offering products that not only advertise but also generate interesting information and benefits consumers. The creation of books and magazines is a clear example of this new strategy, and has been used successfully by several companies.

Catalogs are a form of communication that, despite the internet and new media, still produce a significant volume of sales for various companies, remaining an excellent choice for various kinds of businesses.

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Business Books and Magazines

The use of magazines and books for corporate communications with customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the general public is an excellent way to achieve relevance and strengthen relationships.

Several large companies such as Gol, Audi, TAM, Itaú and many others, use magazines and corporate publications to target customers in a relevant and interesting manner by offering a quality product. Thus it has created a stronger bond between brand and customer.


- Creates and strengthens the bond between the brand and its audience.

- It is a great alternative to traditional investments in advertising.

- Strengthens and enhances the corporate image through high-quality editorial content and relevance.

- It offers the possibility to address diverse subjects, according to the company's strategies.

- It is a very efficient and useful channel for the dissemination of achievements, projects and company history.


The use of catalogs product sales or services is a form of direct marketing. It is characterized by interactivity and direct communication between the company and its customers.

Catalogs always include a response mechanism that allows the company to develop its database in order to measure the rate and pattern of purchases of each customer on your list.

Through them, you can offer consumers a wide variety of products, both for general and more specific uses, for those that only serve a niche market.

The catalog layout is designed similarly to a traditional store: The space is highly valued in both cases, and the merchandise is organized to maximize sales.