Back Office – Full Suport

Back Office – Full Suport

The importance of an efficient assistance on the Internet

When searching for a product or service on the internet, a user usually comes in contact with three websites. Did you know that in 80% of cases the business is done with the one that responds faster?

So, answer in a professional and efficient manner to users who contact through your website is vital.

After all, the return of all investment depends precisely of converting people who visit your site into customers.

We can do it for you

The BSI’s Back Office service uses highly trained bilingual attendants to make the first contacts with the visitors of your website, greatly increasing the chances of turning them into future customers.

Besides, we make continuous monitoring of these customers, collecting and storing all necessary information. We also make filtering in order to capture customers with high probability of closing the deal.

Using our "expertise" and a modern CRM technology (Customer Relationship Management), we are able to respond to the contact of that user quickly and efficiently: we take from 15 minutes to an hour to reply them by email or phone.

Therefore, our Back Office service represents not only one less worry for you, but also a very large increase in the chances of achieving a successful negotiation with the visitors of your website, transforming them into customers.

We also conduct training for your staff

If, however, you already have a customer service structure within your company, BSI can help you by holding a special training for your employees, passing to your company all the "expertise" that we have.

First, we will do a complete analysis of your Back Office service: the staff working in this area, the CRM system used, and then finally, we will collect all the data to make a thorough study in order to discover how we could improve it.

So, in possession of all data about your Back Office service, we will check for any faults and how we can make your service better.

We will make a plan for your organization and, after that, we will begin working, which can be started with a complete training for employees who work in the Back Office area of your company or we can also provide a more modern and efficient CRM, which will certainly take their service to a higher level.

After completing the job of training your Back Office staff, certainly the level of your service will increase greatly, as the results of your company, which will become more positive, leaving everyone very satisfied.