Apps for Android

Android Applications or Apps (applications), is a software designed to run in tablets and smartphones. After developing this device the user can download it through an online store, such as Google Play.

BSI develops applications in order to make your ideas into reality. We create apps for the Android platform (smartphone and tablet).

When you are using games, calculator, reading a newspaper, social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on your phone, you are using an App, many apps are paid others are free.

Why should my company have an application?

What are the advantages?

• Sales of smartphones has grown substantially and consequently the number of application downloads too;

• The number of purchases by Mobile has increased;

• It's a Market in strong expantion. Internet access for smartphones has been growing a lot, year after year;

• You get closer to your customer;

• Improves the user experience;

• Reach a specific target;

• Ability to create campaigns exclusively for that target;

• The user expects a benefit from your brand, whether it is convenience, comfort or pleasure;

• You can create promotions / discounts exclusively for users of your App;

• New way to communicate with your client.

Which is our process for developing applications?

1. We analyze and identify the needs of our clients depending on the business area;

2. We plan the strategy with the analysis and identification of the objectives;

3. We develop the App and present to the client for approval;

4. After approval by the customer, we make the submission of the Apps;

5. We guarantee the maintenance of the Apps.