Digital Marketing Agency


Digital Marketing Agency

BSI - Business Solution International – is a digital marketing agency, in operation since 2004 with solutions to provide customers with a professional web presence focused on results and adding value. Our office, located at the center of Rio de Janeiro. BSI attends national and international customers alike.

We provide a 360º service, by creating professional websites, back office, website optimization - SEO, sponsored links, among other solutions..

With our team of professionals, from each department, we work extensively so that your website appears on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines, which provides high visibility and therefore brings more opportunities and success to our clients.

Our Back Office service, where our bilingual attendants do all the monitoring and support with a highly professional and efficient manner, which greatly increases the chances of converting website visitor into a prospective client.

And this is precisely why clients choose us: BSI provides all services necessary for our clients to get complete success on the internet, without having to hire different specialists from each area.


Providing 360° solutions in digital marketing, result-oriented, always meeting the needs of our customers.


Perfectionism, commitment and agility in decision making.


Being a reference in Latin America in web services with recognition for quality, innovation and results.

Our Team

BSI has a highly trained multidisciplinary team of professionals. From, web designers, programmers, SEO specialists, journalists and bilingual attendants.

Company’s CEO

Company’s CEO - Michael Boeckle

Michael Boeckle

CEO of Business Solution International, represents also Doctors Solution, a service that offers marketing solutions and international publicity for Brazilian doctors.

He works to spread the use of modern means of communication media in developing business, keeping the first commercial line, now and in the future.


Web Designers

The web designers of BSI do more than the basics. Layouts, photos, color scheme and navigation components are intrinsic to the design elements of a website and we take these concepts a step further.


The programmer is responsible for programming the functionality of the website. He defines and develops the programming code for the tasks on the site.

SEO Specialists

The SEO specialist of Business Solution International makes advanced research on the most popular subjects searched by the internet users to optimize websites and improve your position in search results.


The webmaster is responsible for the overall architecture and maintenance of the website. He adds concepts of usability and interface design, to provide customers a personalized and professional website.


The main activity of the journalist is to obtain information through interviews. This information is then used for the professional goals of our clients.

Content Producer

The primary function of the content producer is to create and develop a unique and well-written content, through research on consumer interest.


A picture is worth a thousand words. The high resolution and quality of the photos is essential for a professional website.

Multilingual Suport

In the Back Office of BSI, we rely on bilingual professionals, who are responsible for communication between our clients and their potential customers.